Sunday, January 5, 2014

Carissimi amici di ALTA VIA - SLEDDOG RACE;

Un'immagine della zona del tracciato.

per noi quelli appena trascorsi sono stati giorni impegnativi. Le copiose precipitazioni nevose che hanno interessato tutta la zona del tracciato ci hanno messo a dura prova.
Faremo del nostro meglio per preparare nel miglior modo il percorso.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dear Friends,

Una foto della zona del tracciato.

we are now in Bazena since 27th December and at the moment there is a lot lot of snow, it is snowing a little now.
Actually for too much snow we have not the possibility to prepare the complete trail as planned and according to the situation of next days we will decide the total km that will be possible: we would appreciate to know from your side how many km you intend to have each stage, in order to try to make everybody satisfied. Please let us know.
We will be in Trivigno today and tomorrow and we will keep you updated.

Before to leave , please wait our confirmation of the race which will be latest on 1st- 2nd  January .

You can also contact us at the mobile +39 3495019530 Matteo or +39 348 3838179 Maurizio.

Kind regards,